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Amidst the rain glimmers of sun poke through, reminders that Spring is on its way.

I keep hearing from so many people that they are tired and a bit weary. I am feeling the same and I don’t know about you but I am leaning more and more toward simplifying my life, clearing out what is no longer needed.

I went on a hike recently my aim was to be out for about 3 hours, I packed my bag full to the brim, snacks, water, waterproofs, a book and hair clips, all essentials right? I dumped my bag into the car and off I went.  As I started on my adventure, I questioned at what point would I need my book, probably wouldn’t, do I really need hair clips, nah, am I a five year old who needs to be fed every hour, nah.  In the end I had a big glug of water before I left and carried nothing but my phone and a bank card,  I felt so light and ambled along the coast path like a mountain goat.  My lone walks are a time for me to not have to be anything for anyone, a time to reflect and just be. I spent time contemplating how much other crap I carry around with me that I don’t need, such as outdated beliefs, habits, stories that are no longer relevant and so on. I am sure that many of you can relate to that.

In class I am enjoying sharing practices that focus on the simplest form of traditional postures while igniting the mind-body-breath connection along creating an ambience that lends itself to a quietening and stilling of the mind.

Within the therapeutic setting of my counselling and coaching practice I am working with people providing support to find some peace and stillness, understanding how their thoughts affect them and can cause such suffering.

Through these profound practices we have an opportunity to meet ourselves and to grow into the person we were always meant to be.

This book is really insightful ‘Essentialism’ The Disciplined Pursuit of Less’  Greg McKeown.

Offerings For You

New Class

Starting tonight March 4th,  7.00-8.00p.m. at The Estuary Clinic

The first Monday of the month I am delighted to be offering a chill out sesh.

Expect gentle movement, mindful awareness, deep rest, beautiful music and candlelight.  Such a beautiful way to start the month as you mean to go on.

£10 pp Booking Required.

In the meantime here are my other classes should you want to join our wonderful yogi community.


9.00 - 10.00 Hatha Yoga

10.30 - 11.30 Mindful Yoga

5.45 - 6.45 Hatha Yoga


 10.15 - 11.15 Hatha

I run my counselling practice from the Estuary Clinic

Mondays     2.00 - 5.00

Fridays        11.30 - 5.00

I also offer Zoom counselling sessions with various availability

Take a few moments now to sit and breathe and consider in what ways you could show yourself more compassion and tolerance.

With Love


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