Discover Your Greatest Self

The coaching session is a creative thought provoking process whereby together we will work to unpack what is not working in order to lay the foundations for change.  We all have the answers to our questions within us but sometimes we need a bit of support to find them and so through guided conversation and contemplation together we will uncover your most radiant self and work towards developing greater self awareness and heighten your capacity for spiritual, psychological and emotional intelligence thus empowering you to reach your full potential. 

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Discover Your Greatest Self

An integrative mind body approach to healing anxiety, depression and stress. This practice is designed to support you to cultivate the intelligence of both your body and mind so that you can begin to understand your emotional patterns. Rooted in classical yoga and supported by popular psychology this practice integrates breath and body centred exercises to calm your mind and energise your body.

 'I had been seeking a dynamic yoga teacher similar to the first one I learned from back in the 70's and 80's, before we moved house.

 Yes I had tried one previously here in Topsham but it lacked real passion about the subject and seemingly in depth, professional knowledge. So I began with 

Laurie Cunningham and know how much I have benefitted and continue to do so from the stimulating, varied classed she gives and her sometimes humorous, but always sincere, caring style.'

Chloe James, Topsham

Discover Your Greatest Self 

Combing classical teachings with a contemporary twist. Merging meditation, self awareness and movement. An empowering practice supporting us to become fully aware of our physical form and helping us to notice patterns and habits that have kept us in discomfort so that we can step into the true essence of ourselves.  By really paying attention within or practice through bending, stretching, inverting and twisting and a deep connection to our breath we can bear witness to our strengths and weaknesses and truly cultivate a deep understanding of ourselves.

'Laurie is the most fun, informed, understanding, patient  yoga teacher. I love my classes and one to one lessons with her.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone, whether a complete beginner or someone much more experienced at yoga.'

Sandra Atherton 


Discover Your Greatest Self

Yoga flow fusion with Hiit; High Intensity Interval Training, an empowering practice which works to build strength and tone and condition the body. HIIT defines, tightens, lifts and sculpts your muscles and gets the heart rate up in specific ways to optimize cardio and burn fat. Blended with yoga this holistic practice gives us longer holding power and endurance-based strength. It helps practitioners gain balance, and holistic flexibility in muscles and joints. This is a really fun practice that blends high energy with mindful movement. 

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