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Just Rest

I don’t know about you but I am absolutely shattered, the fullness of the sunshine bringing the highs and the rain and wind bringing the lows, up and down like a yoyo. I just lay on my rug earlier, legs floating up above me watching the skies many forms, acknowledging how pooped I felt whilst simultaneously thinking of how long I will allow myself to do nothing. I remember a few years back the light that is Lisa at the Estuary Clinic suggesting that every day it would be good to just lie down and rest daily, doing nothing. I balked at the idea ‘NOTHING’… I recall asking, what about reading, podcasts, music with a myriad of other ideas floating around my head, she smiled and said ‘just rest.’ I finally get it, just rest!

I realised that there was underlying fear that if I slow down I might not be able to start again I then realised that’s not true everything shifts and evolves just as it is meant to.

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