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I first discovered yoga 20 years ago initially starting to practise at home to videos for purely physical reasons. As the years went by I felt the mental, physical and spiritual benefits of yoga and the yogic lifestyle has become a massive part of my life. Throughout various periods in my life, practising yoga has consistently been a grounding and supportive way of being that has enabled me to deal with situations with strength and clarity.

Over the years I have travelled to various countries to practise yoga and most notably India. It was in India that yoga became firmly entrenched into my being and I knew that all of the amazing skills that I was learning, I wanted to share with others.  Through the practice of yoga and mindful awareness I believe that it is possible to cultivate a strong and healthy body and mind.

I have completed a 500 hr Teacher Training course with the Devon School of Yoga and has since built upon my training attending teachings for teachers with world-renowned Master yoga teachers Elena Brower and Shiva Rea.

I am a qualified Holistic Well-Being and Lifestyle Coach having attained a 'Diploma in Cognitive Coaching and Mentoring' from the Institute of Counselling.  In July 22 I completed a Diploma in Integrated Counselling through Heartwood College of Counselling and Psychotherapy along with a Diploma in Professional Styling through The British College of Professional Styling.     


In my practice, I weave the principles of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Person Centred Counselling, Mindfulness and Yogic Philosophy to create a holistic session which will support clients to bring about change into their lives.  

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